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Tindal Wine Merchants, carefully established in 2004, is a family owned company importing some of the very best wines from around the world for distribution to the trade. Tindal Wine Merchants represent many top wineries world-wide. We pride ourselves in never settling for less as we constantly strive to look further finding those hidden gems and zealous wineries to excite our customers and continually adding to our growing portfolio. Our knowledge based team offers experience, expertise and integrity to a wide and expanding range of customers.

Bodegas Frontonio

Established in 2008 by Master of Wine Fernando Mora in his garage, Frontonio’s range frame the expression of old vines in the Aragon region of Spain. The style is fragrant and lifted, driven by salinity and texture. The variety of soils in the area range from volcanic to sedimentary metamorphic, influencing the wines driving depth and linear expression to their profiles. All grapes come from organically farmed vineyards. They are crushed under foot and aged in old and inert vessels. For those in pursuit of site expression with fruit on the fresher more floral side, these are your wines.

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