Bordeaux Guide

Bordeaux Guide

Writing a vintage report for Bordeaux en primeur can be a challenge. As a buyer, you
are constantly hearing that ‘this vintage is the vintage of the decade’, ‘the wines are
excellent’, ‘the rain came at the perfect time’ etc. It’s important to look past the mist
and view the vintage in clear sight, examining weather conditions, vintage dates and the
success of each variety in that year. Above all, it’s the tasting that holds the answer.

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How we choose our Bordeaux listings

Every April Harriet Tindal MW and team head to Bordeaux to taste the previous year’s harvest. They taste hundreds of unfinished wines full of fruit, tannin and acidity. This is how we assess the quality and our recommendations for the coming vintage. It is this expertise that influences our purchasing decisions and enables us to provide detailed tasting notes and vintage updates and advice to our customers. Throughout the year we have tastings of older and mature vintages of Bordeaux to review their development. Always on the hunt for the “new trends” and real winners.  We make our annual visit to Bordeaux ahead of the primeur tastings to meet with key chateaux and sample their forthcoming releases.

If you are interested in buying En Primeur Bordeaux please contact Harriet Tindal MW and our team at: sales / or +353 1 866 5680

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