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En Primeur Bordeaux 2023

“Recent vintages have been a lottery, a roulette wheel of extremes and unexpected events. However, 2023 is more a test of climatic realities.”

Harriet Tindal MW

The Vintage in Bordeaux 2023 - Report By Harriet Tindal MW

We talk about the maritime influence that affects the vineyards of Bordeaux. 2023 saw humidity and the associated repercussions plague many winemakers right from the get go. Opinions from the various communes are mixed, but the relief driven by an absence of persistent heat and drought are obvious and reflected in the achieved yields of Châteaux throughout the region……

There are some spectacular wines in 2023. This could be the vintage to go off piste and discover new Châteaux. 

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Vintage Report

A detailed report on the 2023 Vintage, released by Harriet Tindal MW

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At Vieux Château Certan Alexandre Thienpont described 2023 as ‘Classic Bordeaux with traces of global warming’.

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