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Tindal Wine Merchants is founded on knowledge – the knowledge of delivering wine, tasting wine, drinking wine and loving wine. But, in more reasonable climates, where biodynamics and organics can be practised, there are reams of evidence to show that they create greater vineyard biodiversity as well as better soil structure and lower pH levels, culminating not only in a healthier, more sustainable planet but also, more often than not, fundamentally more interesting wines.

Environmental Practices

Vineyards are in the front line when it comes to climate change. The loss of indigenous flora and fauna is found first in the vineyard. Water shortages and weather extremes can be disastrous. This is why sustainability is at the centre of every concerned producer’s practice. There is no black and white. Increasing numbers of farmers are adopting a broad array of practices both in the vineyard and winery to mitigate the extremities and reduce the intervention needed in the vines. These include better site selection, improved pruning techniques, modified canopy management, use of cover crops, avoidance of soil compaction, water re-cycling and the lowering carbon emissions.


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