Rhône En Primeur

Rhône En Primeur

Our Rhône offer is available in November every year. 2023 sees the 2021 / 2022  vintage showcased. We release a pre arrival offer with detailed tasting notes, vintage reports and review of the new vintage to give our customers in-depth review of the the wines before they are released.

Pre-Arrival Maison Tardieu-Laurent Offer A Tale of Outstanding Wines from Two Nail-Biting Vintages

Just when you think patterns are beginning to emerge, along come 2021 and 2022, two anarchic vintages that challenged all preconceptions. Even the oldest, wisest and most experienced growers had to sit down and, if not tear up, at least radically re-edit the rule book. 

Maison Tardieu – Laurent

Run by the Tardieu family, Tardieu-Laurent is an almost unique operation in the Rhône Valley, a model that is much more commonly found in Burgundy and one that is a growing trend in Champagne. They are quite simply a ‘micro-négociant éléveur haute couture’ which in their case roughly translates to ‘a specialist, non-vineyard owning house, making wines, from grapes sourced from the very best sites, in very limited quantities.’

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If you are interested in buying En Primeur Rhône - Maison Tardieu-Laurent please contact Simon Tyrrell styrrell@tindalwine.com or Harriet Tindal MW htindal@tindalwine.com or +353 1 866 5680

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