18 May, 2024
Willy Tindal’s bespoke wine experience will be an optional extra to pair with Thomas Straker from Straker’s dining experience which will be available to purchase at the restaurant during the event.
14 May, 2024
Riper Riesling, are we looking at a natural route back to market for this magnificent grape? Join us for a lively discussion and tasting featuring two significant families within the Riesling sphere in Europe.
16 April, 2024
It’s time to open some bottles. Join us for a celebration of what Burgundy has to offer. Come and discover a new favourite. Burgundy, with its perfume, elegance and finesse has a somewhat mythical image amongst drinkers. Fluctuating price and limited availability make it difficult to understand for most. Like a stranger at a ball, Burgundy is worth getting to know better. Join us for a tasting of Burgundies available now in Ireland. We will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, but otherwise this is a silent tasting. Just you and the wines. We will be showing wines from: William Fèvre Louis Michel et Fils Bouchard Père et Fils Gerard Seguin Michel Magnien Comte Armand Domaine Truchetet Domaine Ragot Domaine de la Folie Les Champs de Themis
7 February, 2024
Discover what gives New Zealand wine its premium reputation and learn something new about amazing wines from the Southern Hemisphere.
24 January, 2024
MASTERCLASS ‘The ageing profile of Barolo’ This year’s masterclass will be a panel tasting and discussion led by Harriet Tindal MW. We’ll be tasting vintages from the past 15 years from Cavallotto, Luigi Einaudi, Guido Porro and Rocche Costamagna. Vintage comparisons and discussions on the structural evolution of these wines will be our focus. *As with each year these wines are only available on this offer. We do not carry extra stocks during the year.
26 July, 2023
A winery born from the study of music. Juan José Ledesma worked for years in the vineyards, researching grapevine genetics for the Chilean government. Whilst on his travels he discovered a Malbec vineyard that was over 100 years old. His request for backing to restore this vineyard was declined, so he tried a different angle, the research of the effect of music on wine. Each barrel is plugged with a different tune, playing inside, turning the lees, shaping the wine.Following his discovery of the ancient Malbec vines, Juan José expanded the business to work with other dry grown, ancient ancestral vines grown in Itata and Biobio. As their name suggests, Terroir Sonoro is all about ‘terroir and songs’.
7 September, 2023
We invite you to embark on a remarkable journey of taste and terroir as we delve into the world of Claire Villars Lurton’s exceptional wines, crafted with a deep respect for the environment. Claire Villars Lurton, a luminary in the wine industry, stands as a testament to the enduring passion and commitment of Bordeaux’s winemaking families. As the owner and steward of esteemed estates such as Château Haut-Bages Libéral, Château Ferrière, and Château La Gurgue, Claire has garnered international acclaim for her unwavering pursuit of excellence in sustainable winemaking. Guided by a profound commitment to environmental preservation, Claire Villars Lurton is a pioneer in sustainable and biodynamic winemaking practices. With a visionary approach, she seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, employing techniques that promote biodiversity, soil health, and the conservation of natural resources. During this masterclass, you will have the privilege of experiencing the artistry of Claire Villars Lurton first hand, as she shares her expertise in sustainable winemaking. Indulge in an exclusive tasting of her remarkable wines, each reflecting the unique terroir of Bordeaux, all while honouring the principles of environmental stewardship. Prepare to be captivated by her expertise, enlightened by her commitment to environmental responsibility, and transported by the undeniable allure of her exceptional Bordeaux wines. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to savour the legacy of Claire Villars Lurton, an esteemed winemaker whose wines embody the essence of Bordeaux’s winemaking traditions, all while embracing a sustainable future.
14 September, 2022
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