Creative Design

Making the right choice

Creating a captivating wine list involves more than just listing wines. It’s an art form that combines design, storytelling, and curation. 

A well-crafted wine list not only informs but also entices and educates customer. Tailoring the design to resonate with your audience and your company’s vibe can make it an essential part of the wine decision  process. Our team are here to help.

Tent Cards

We can provide tent cards as a sales and marketing tool. Whether it’s for a dinner, a training session, a wedding, a restaurant, an off licence these tent cards will help you market your chosen products direct to your customer.


Our 2023 list has all the old favourites, our relationships with these fantastic producers continues to grow each year. It’s exciting to discover new projects they are working on, see improvements as vines age and changes as younger generations step in. We grow with them. There are a number of new wineries coming on board this year. Spain has expanded, with an exciting new partnership with Barbadillo in Cadiz and Sanlucar de Barrameda. We’ve picked up some fun new wines from seriously old vines in Itata, Chile. The USA has seen a boost with small allocations of wines from Birichino in the exciting Santa Ynez region. There’s a sprinkling of new wines to keep you all discovering.


Tindal Wine Merchants understand the complexities of creating a wine list to suit all tastes. Our team will work with you to create and design the menu. We focus on format and pricing strategies creating a unique list that reflects a well-chosen selection of wines. We advise on wines by the glass and offer educational programmes for your staff and provide advice on assisting customers with their wine selections. We offer an exceptional service which will enable you to produce graphically designed lists that will tempt your customers.

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