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Bordeaux 2021
2021 is a vintage of freshness, fragrance and precision. If you buy your Bordeaux to drink, it will be a pleasant surprise. Lower alcohol levels, 12.5% for many and fragile, expressive cores are a pleasure to enjoy in the mid-term.
Vintage Report
Bordeaux 2020
Writing a vintage report for Bordeaux en primeur can be a challenge. As a buyer, you are constantly hearing that ‘this vintage is the vintage of the decade’, ‘the wines are excellent’, ‘the rain came at the perfect time’ etc. It’s important to look past the mist and view the vintage in clear sight, examining weather conditions, vintage dates and the success of each variety in that year. Above all, it’s the tasting that holds the answer. Read our Full Bordeaux 2020 – Vintage Report by downloading it on the button below. View our Final List & Availability by clicking on the button below.
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Bordeaux 2019
The campaign that will be remembered for much more than wine. Like 2008, the wines of 2019 are being thrust into a market in turmoil. Covid 19 has left the World in financial uncertainty, similar to those tender months early in 2008 when the last financial crisis was making itself heard. But this year is different, this year members of the trade have not made their annual pilgrimage to Bordeaux. Lock-down measures mean that we are relying on a number of high profile critics and the recommendations of various negociants, eager to sell plenty of wine this vintage. Read our Full Bordeaux 2019 – Vintage and Harvest Report.
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Burgundy 2018 - Our En Primeur Offer has now closed
2018 has been met with excitement and anticipation by collectors around the world. The visible health and ripeness of the berries at harvest has, as expected resulted in wines of an exceptionally high standard. The power and intensity in the reds point to a vintage of tension and expectation, one for longer ageing than the fragrant examples from 16 or the open, elegant wines of 2017. The whites are ripe and rich, careful management has preserved the precarious nature of the acid and the best are bold and bountiful, enveloping the oak expressions and promising more exuberant expression over the coming years.
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Burgundy 2017 - Our En Primeur offer has now closed
Our March visit to Burgundy proved fruitful on two counts. One, we tasted some extraordinarily approachable, fragrant wines that, as our report suggests makes Burgundy 2017 a vintage to be enjoyed from an early stage in its life. Two, we re-visited some Domaines that piqued our interest on previous occasions and as a result have some late additions to this year’s Burgundy offer. Hence this addendum. Offer prices apply until 30th June 2019.
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