Villa Conchi

Villa Conchi

After twenty years of developing the export of premium family bodegas, in 2009 Javier Ruiz de Galarreta turned his focus towards finding excellent vineyards, partners and modern facilities to produce a “different” Cava. In the heart of the Penedès, he discovered the vineyards and qualities he was looking for to make such a style of wine. Harvesting takes place at night to maintain the integrity of the fruit and the base wines are fermented at cool temperatures to preserve primary aromas. Once the second fermentation has taken place in the bottle, the wines are then kept on their lees in underground cellars for a minimum of twelve months to further increase their roundness and complexity.


Villa Conchi is the country house of the Galarreta family, named after the matriarch of the family.

Villa Conchi is a modern and elegant Cava that expresses the best that Spain has to offer and is a tribute to a woman who inspired many with her distinction and who loved quality sparkling wines.

Pieces that offer an unparalleled taste, smell and visual experience.


The Villa Conchi range is grown and produced in the best Spanish cava-producing sub-region: Comtats de Barcelona. It is this region that produces the best quality at higher altitudes. In this Catalan region close to the Mediterranean, with a warm climate and mild orography, the main varieties are grown to produce quality cava: Macabeu, Xarel lo and Parellada, which are accompanied –providing elegance and aroma– by the Chardonnay grape. , of French origin


Freshness and vibrant personality, essence of the harmony and purity of the environment. Its presentation has much to do with the true vocation of cava: celebration and pleasure. A unique opportunity to enjoy wines selected for their exceptional origin and unique character.

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