Monemvasia Winery

Monemvasia Winery

Monemvasia Winery was founded in 1997 in Monemvasia in the region of Laconia by Yorgos and Elli Tsimbidi. Drawing inspiration from the myth of the long-lost Malvasia wine and driven by their love for their homeland and their faith in its potential, they took the big decision to start a winery from scratch.

The fervor and dedication in reviving the medieval Malvasia wine urged them to seek out the local grape varieties and the traditional ways of vinification. Throughout this journey, they stumbled upon and experimented with rare varieties and thus Monemvasia, Kydonitsa, Asproudi and Mavroudi came out of obscurity.

But the story does not end there. As the harvest grew, the knowledge and love for wine grew, so did the family.

The team, headed by George and Elli, was joined by Marialena and Anastasia, with studies in agronomy and chemistry respectively, and Andreas Andresakis with studies in oenology, bringing an appetite for experimentation, highlighting the region and goals for eco friendly practices and actions in the local society.

Their favorite part is the harvest and pressing, with its aromas, intensity and late nights together with a glass of wine.


Monemvasia Winery was founded in 1997by the Tsimbidis family,

with a vision to reinstate the unique, albeit lost in time,
Monemvasian terroir on the world map
of wine making, investing solely in Greek, local varieties.

Thirty hectares of organic vineyards, Four hundred international awards 


With the launch of our winery in 1997, the vineyards became our top priority. We devoted our first years of operation to the documentation and study of local varieties, while experimenting with wine making processes, until in 2005 we started planting our first vines. Today, we are the proud growers of a collection of rare varieties, uniquely encompassing Monemvasia’s terroir in our 30 hectares of organic vineyards. The climate in the region allows us to grow our vineyards organically and with minimum intervention. The vineyards are linearly arranged, in rows, to achieve greater aeration. Yields are kept exceptionally low, reaching almost 3500 Kg / hectare, in some cases, and all viticultural tasks are done by hand.


Our modern, visitable winery was finished in 2020 and is now located in the 57th Km of the National Road Tarapsa-Monemvasia, 10 Km away from the Castle of Monemvasia. At the ground floor, in the main space, is where the production of the wines operates and where the necessary equipment such as: destemmer, pneumatic press, stainless steel tanks of controlled temperature and automatic bottling line are kept. The underground aging space houses the elevage of red and white wines in oak barrels and in bottles.

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