Hither & Yon

Hither & Yon

Owned by second generation McLaren Grape growers, Richard and Malcolm Leask Hither & Yon is 100% from the estate vineyards and whilst producing established varieties (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon & Grenache) also have a strong focus on alternative, Mediterranean varieties, of Tempranillo, Touriga, Aglianico, Malbec, Carignan & were awarded the trophy for best wine at show in 2018 for their 2017 Nero D’Avola. Hither & Yon have recently been certified Carbon Neutral (the first winery in South Australia and only 3rd in Australia) and certified Sustainable. H&Y love making better wines with a lighter footprint, caring for the environment and community.  

McLaren Vale

We are the Brothers Leask.

Richard is the outside man, farmer and maker; Malcolm is the inside guy, director and creator. What started as our “bottle project” in 2011 has now endured and sprouted into our much-loved wine brand.

McLaren Vale has a long history as a wine region, renowned for premium production and now for sustainable and innovative practices and variety diversity.

Growers and makers here are collaborative and generous, both in food and wine, so we exude our multi-cultural history and coastal lifestyle with real personality and flair.


Our principle in the vineyard is about land first, soil nutrition and following nature. Our vineyard locations are scattered in the cooler part of McLaren Vale, along the foothills east of the town. Wines made essentially by expressing the vineyard site and the underlying complex geology and cool maritime influence of the Gulf Saint Vincent. We select varieties fit for the environment, coming from all over the world, but especially those of Mediterranean / Iberian origins. There is a rich diversity here of growing and lifestyle, regional pairing and food for sharing. As well as vine tending and sustainable practices, we focus on the whole biodiversity and eco-system of our properties. This includes natural habitat restoration, extensive native species planting, creating healthy corridors for the birds & bees. We regard ourselves as alternative futurists – not subscribing to a particular certification model but believing in regenerative agriculture. The two key elements here are particularly increasing microbial and microflora soil diversity, and storing and building carbon. In essence, we are planting trees we may never see, but leaving a legacy for the next generation of the Leask Clan. And our wines? Well they are a labour of love, delicious and made with integrity.


We believe regenerative agriculture is our guiding philosophy. Why? It is a dynamic holistic system which is down to earth, but also futurist. It is input focused, not process or market driven. This way of farming is a struggle. For us, this brings tension to our wine. Then, the way this releases in the glass is exciting, truly expressing vineyard & variety. Our people are devoted to this cause, this is life on a loop, giving back, growing forward, and having fun. Making better wines with a lighter footprint.

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