Domaine Saint Gayan

Domaine Saint Gayan

The Meffre family has been making wine in Gigondas since the 15th century and today it is run by Jean-Pierre Meffre with the assistance of his son-in-law, Yves Carré de Lusançay. The family currently farm 38 hectares of vineyard across the communes of Gigondas, Rasteau, Sablet and Châteauneuf du Pape. Grenache dominates the plantings at over 70% and there is a minimal interventionist approach to the viticulture.The family like to do partial de-stemming of the fruit and keep the fermentation temperatures low in order to promote the fruit. Ageing for both the Rasteau and Côtes du Rhône is done in tank.

Rhône Valley

In the heart of Provence, lies a majestic site of exceptional beauty.

In this environment marked by history, the culture of vine has held a major role since Roman times. Our family is linked to this past. Proud of our traditions, rich of this experience, we produce wines of character, which reflect the terroir from which they come from.

After succeeding his father Roger, Meffre and his wife Martine are handing over the estate to the next generation: Julie their eldest daughter, and Carré de Lusançay, their son-in-law who worked with them for about fifteen years.


Our cultivation philosophy is very personal. It is not subject to any school and does not follow any guru. Our family has been living on the estate since 1709. We are the simple tenants of the vines which will be passed on to future generation. We cultivate our vines with pragmatism. We do not use any chemical herbicides in our soil preferring traditional plowing. To promote the microbial life of the soil, we limit the use of heavy metals such as copper and therefore we do not practice organic farming. Each intervention is carefully considered and reduced to the strict minimum.


12 generations of winemakers have followed one another in this estate. Under a 17th century building, the old wine cellar still houses our treasures which refine day after day. The experience of the elders have nourished our expertise. A strong bond unites us to the Grenache grape variety which gives structure to our red wines and best expresses our terroir, at its best-on our clay-limestone soils and with our hot and dry microclimate. It is up to us to tame its power and its sometimes excessive generosity. Winemaking begins in the vineyard and ends in a bottle. At all stages of vinification, our unique experience guides us to obtain wonderful bottles. Our old wine cellar has been modernized over the generations. With its large size, it can contain up to 4 cuvées. We are constantly renewing our technical equipment to always use the best technology. Regarding harvest capacity, we have doubled our equipments for more safety at crucial times. We are nonetheless very traditionalists regarding the maturation of red wines, preferring long aging periods so as to let time take its course. In our underground cellar, the wines thus patiently refine to acquire the Saint Gayan touch which represents all our expertise and experience.

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