Domaine Giles Chollet

Domaine Giles Chollet

Having taken over from his father in 1989, Gilles Chollet, along with his son Séverin, today farms 12 ha on the clay/sand/limestone soils of Pouilly-sur-Loire. The vineyards face south west, helping to maximize the full ripeness of the Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Vines are planted at a density of 6,600 per hectare and are between 15 to 20 years old. Fermentation is traditional with the wines being produced in stainless steel tanks.

Loire Valley

Gilles and Séverin Chollet, winemakers from father to son, own an estate of more than 12 and a half hectares in 2 Nivernaise municipalities.

For more than 60 years, the Chollet estate has managed to make a place for itself among the greatest wines in Val-de-Loire: White wine Pouilly-sur-Loire Smoked & Pouilly white wine

Located just 200 km south of Paris, our vines benefit from clay-limestone and sandy soils that give our wines elegance, finesse and fruity feeling in the mouth.

Concerned about the environment and a new, more ecological mode of cultivation, Domaine Chollet in Pouilly-sur-Loire  wishes to gradually turn to organic farming.


One of the particularities of our estate is to vinify our terroirs separately. We thus respect the characteristics of our Pouilly wines and the different qualities while conducting the vinification in an identical way, as naturally as possible and in identical containers. On our entire wine estate in Pouilly-sur-Loire we can distinguish three main types of terroir: The argilico-siliceux that initiates early and gourmet wines, ready to be tasted early; The argilo-limestone that gives rise to fresh and fruity cuvées; Kimmeridgian marls, memories of the fossilized shells of the Jurassic, which generate intense flavors of exotic fruits, beautiful minerality and superb structure; ” By letting the terroir express itself as naturally as possible, we keep the reputation of creating the best Sauvignons in the world. ”


Thanks to a southwest exposure of our vines, our grapes reach satisfactory maturity every year. The harvest period of our grapes varies each year. Generally, we harvest between September 7 and October 15. Concerned about respecting our crops, we carry out the vinification of our wines of Pouilly in our wine estate in the Nièvre. Alcoholic fermentation is an important step in the production of wine. To do this, we pay particular attention to the control and control of alcoholic fermentation in order to obtain maximum extraction of aromas.

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