Clos Thierriere

Clos Thierriere

Run by two young brothers looking to follow their dream of owning and running a vineyard. Guillaume and Baptiste Frey purchased a vineyard in Vouvray. They work with nature, assisting, not compromising the vineyard cycle. The brothers produce wines made in inert vessels, that illustrate the varying terroir of the Anjou through Chenin Blanc. Coming from plots of red clay, flint and limestone each wine amplifies the expression of the soil in the glass.


A faithful philosophy

A long work of conversion to give nature all the energy we draw from it…

The two brothers wish to revive the soil and biodiversity in their vineyards.

Since 2021, pesticides and herbicides have been banned from the vines in order to establish an ecosystem that allows the vine to flourish and the grape to transcribe all the complexity and authenticity of the terroir. 


Located in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyard, Vouvray is one of the oldest and most mythical appellations of the Loire because of its terroir and its so special exposure. The climate of the appellation is marked by continental winds from the east and ocean winds from the west. These different flows disperse mineral and organic agents at the very heart of the appellation, which plays an important role in the purest expression of Vouvray wines. The Loire, which borders the appellation, is considered the key to the climate of the appellation. It makes it possible to temper the summer heat and reduce negative temperatures in winter, thus guaranteeing a quality harvest over the years. The soil of the appellation is mainly clay-limestone and clay-silicone, with layers of silicon in some places. These different rocks give the wines an additional complexity, with a minerality and tension specific to this appellation. This terroir specific to Vouvray deeply marks the wines of the appellation and is an exceptional asset in the development of the authentic and singular wines of the AOC Vouvray. It is on these different types of soils that the two brothers will rely on to develop plots according to the typologies of their soils, thus allowing the expression of the chenin in different facets.


The estate aims to best transcribe the truth of the terroir through its different cuvées. After a careful observation of the different soils, the decision was made to practice vinification in parcels. This approach aims to allow an authentic expression of soils, as faithfully as possible, over the vintages. In the cellar, the wines elaborated come from a harvest in small boxes of 10 kilos, without a hood, with a sorting carried out directly in the vineyards to keep only the best. After a respectful pressing of the grapes, comes the time of natural fermentations, without artifices.

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