Chateau d`Angles

Chateau d`Angles

Eric Fabré, ex Technical Director at Lafite Rothschild, purchased this estate in 2001, ending his search for the best terroir for Mourvèdre in France. Recognising the potential of this grape with warming temperatures and increasingly dry summers, Eric and his son Vianney have been re-planting Mourvèdre and reinvigorating the soil life in the vineyards on their 35ha estate. The vines sit on the limestone and sandy soils of the famous elevated hill of La Clape. The dry north-westerly blows’ through the herb scented terrain, wafting Thyme and Rosemary into the vineyards below. This ‘garrigue’ adds another dimension to the wines. In the vineyards, they focus on natural treatments such as pine resin over herbicides. The vineyards will be certified organic next year. Intervention is low in the winery, the classique range is aged in concrete tanks and the age-worthy Grand Vin spends time in one-year-old barrels sourced from the hallowed cellars of Lafite. 


In June 2015, La Clape became the Languedoc’s first Appellation Communale.

Basking in sunshine for 300 days a year, refreshed by the Mediterranean breeze, deeply rooted in the hostile rocky, limestone soils and enveloped in the surrounding aromatic vegetation known as “garrigue”, our vines thrive on this unique combination of natural elements.
From hand-picking, after careful selection, through patient nursing in French oak barrels, to the final blending, this exceptional terroir expresses its very best thanks to the talent and experience of Eric Fabre.
Mature and Fresh, Generous and Precise, Powerful and Structured…
the Perfect Harmony of the Château d’Anglès Great Wines is applauded by the international press, as well as experts and wine lovers around the world.


La Clape is a rocky, limestone outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean and covering an area of 1,500 hectares. Basking in 300 days of sunshine a year, refreshed by Mediterranean breezes, the vines thrive in these hostile, chalky soils that are surrounded by ‘garrigue’, the wild scrubland typical to the South of France. The 45 hectare estate is managed by sustainable practices in accordance with the High Environmental Value charter (HVE) with respect for the environment, using composted pomace, mulched prunings, plowing, no insecticides and no weedkillers. Harvesting is done by hand.


From the Médoc to the Languedoc… not such a great leap after all for Eric and Christine Fabre in 2001, in their search for a high quality terroir in the South of France. Both from winemaking families, their intuition lead them to the terroir of La Clape… and straight to Château d’Anglès. Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience, including eight years as technical director at Château Lafite Rothschild, enabled him to overcome the considerable challenges awaiting them. Restructuring the vineyard was high priority in order to balance the assembly of traditional grape varieties such as Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache or Carignan for the reds and Bourboulenc, Roussanne and Marsanne for the whites. Each section of the 45 hectares on the estate is closely followed under the paternal eye of Eric Fabre, with a real respect for the environment. Round, fresh, charming, precise, complex, structured, delicate – are all qualities of the Château d’Anglès. Great Wines that reflect the values held by Eric and Christine Fabre. All wine stories are also about people and sometimes even about… families! The generations of the Fabre family follow on in the best tradition of French winemaking. With a family heritage including a highly demanding level of expertise, great passion and an unwavering search for excellence, it is now Vianney’s turn as the youngest of the Fabre siblings to follow in the family tradition. His experience brings together all aspects of wine-making, from his diploma in wine-growing and making in Bordeaux, followed by a top business school in Paris. After 5 years traveling to the four corners of the world for Bollinger Champagne, he decided to join the family business in 2010, and play his own part in developing the Château d’Anglès wines, taking up the mantle of another generation of winemaking in the Fabre family and keeping alive their secret for perfect harmony. A wine-lover and enthusiast, Vianney is a true ambassador for the values of the estate, which he upholds in his role in international sales.

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